Privacy Policy

Information Collected

LuvBot and collects the following data from it's users.

Information provided by using the bot

  • Your Discord User ID

Information provided by using the error reporting feature

  • Your Discord Username
  • Your Discord Profile Picture
  • The command that induced the error reported

How LuvBot collect this data

Information given by you

By using the bot, you are most likely generating data that needs to be stored in relation to your User ID. Values such as your balance, statistics and partner information needs to be stored using your Discord user ID as a relation. LuvBot only collects data about your Discord user that is already publically available for any other user to access. In other words, LuvBot does not store any private data about you as a user, or your account. You can delete any records of your User ID in LuvBot's data storage by using the "/cleardata" command in the Discord client.


Children under the age of 13

LuvBot, through Discord's Terms of Service, inherently does not allow users below the age of 13. The LuvBot website and bot therefore does not knowingly collect data of children below the age of 13.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small blocks of information stored on your web browser. Their primary purpose is to store a per-session value to retain states. For instance, a cookie may be used to store a current access token to identify a user account. Read more about cookieshere.

LuvBot Cookies stores cookies to retain OAuth2 access tokens to retain sessions for logged in Discord users. Logging out of your Discord account from this website will also delete this cookie.

Third party cookies

Third party services used within this website may use cookies to store stateful data and track usages.